Welcome to Empower/Excel

What We Do:  Empower/Excel will help you create a picture of your organization better than the picture you can create yourself.  We won’t just help you “change” your organization.  Change is a constant.  It will happen regardless.  We will help you “transform” your organization.  Transformation is willful.  Empower/Excel is committed to being the key partner in the pursuit of the highest aspirations you have for your organization.  We will show you how to GENERATE, IMPLEMENT and SUSTAIN BIG IDEAS!

How We Do It:  We will take you through a process of organizational transformation that will identify and maximize your key assets and minimize your most challenging liabilities.  Unlike some consultants, we aren’t interested in producing a glorified paperweight, masquerading as a “strategic plan,” that will gather dust on your desk.  We will teach you a sustainable process that will allow your organization to accomplish every objective beyond your wildest dreams.  We will teach you how to generate BIG IDEAS and professionalize and structure your organization to implement and, most important, sustain them.  We will teach you how to coordinate the daily activities of the staff, committees and Board toward meeting the objectives of your BIG IDEAS!

Empower/Excel is proudly affiliated with the Volunteer Center of Orange County and conducts all of its consulting work in Orange County, California through this outstanding organization.  Tim also conducts trainings through the Volunteer Center’s Nonprofit Resource Center.  For more information of the Volunteer Center of Orange County, and for a schedule of Tim’s trainings and other services, visit www.volunteercenter.org.